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Contribution in the study of Soft Substrata Benthic Communities in the Greek seas (West Saronic area).

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dc.contributor.author Vamvakas, C. en
dc.date.accessioned 2016-04-11T10:08:23Z
dc.date.issued 2016-04-11
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/840
dc.rights Αναφορά Δημιουργού-Μη Εμπορική Χρήση-Όχι Παράγωγα Έργα 3.0 Ελλάδα *
dc.rights.uri http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/gr/ *
dc.subject Soft Substrata Benthic Communities en
dc.subject Characteristics en
dc.subject Species en
dc.subject Coastal detritic bottoms en
dc.subject Terrigenous coastal mud en
dc.subject Deep mud en
dc.subject Biocoenosis en
dc.title Contribution in the study of Soft Substrata Benthic Communities in the Greek seas (West Saronic area). en
dc.title Συμβολή εις την Μελέτη των Βενθικών Βιοκοινωνιών Μαλακού Υποστρώματος τωμ Ελληνικών θαλασσών. en
heal.type journalArticle
heal.classification Hydrobiology en
heal.classification Taxonomy en
heal.classification Ecology en
heal.classificationURI **N/A**-Hydrobiology
heal.classificationURI **N/A**-Taxonomy
heal.classificationURI **N/A**-Ecology
heal.keywordURI **N/A**-Soft Substrata Benthic Communities
heal.keywordURI **N/A**-Characteristics
heal.keywordURI **N/A**-Species
heal.keywordURI **N/A**-Coastal detritic bottoms
heal.keywordURI **N/A**-Terrigenous coastal mud
heal.keywordURI **N/A**-Deep mud
heal.keywordURI **N/A**-Biocoenosis
heal.identifier.secondary HelOceanLimnol10(129-272)1971
heal.identifier.secondary GB/7098
heal.dateAvailable 2016-04-11T10:13:23Z
heal.language el
heal.language en
heal.language de
heal.language fr
heal.access free
heal.recordProvider ΙΩΚΑΕ el
heal.publicationDate 1971
heal.bibliographicCitation Vamvakas C. (1971). Contribution in the study of Soft Substrata Benthic Communities in the Greek seas (West Saronic area) . Hellenic Oceanology and Limnology, Vol.10: 129-272. en
heal.abstract A study of marine soft bottom benthic biocoenoses is undertaken in the Western Bay of Saronicos, near Athens, Greece. The material from 14 stations has been collected and examined according to J.PICARD’s method (1965). The results can be summarized as follows: 1) Three biocoenoses have been so far found: the biocoenosis of the coastal detritic bottoms ( DC) ; the biocoenosis of the terrigenous coastal mud (VTC); the biocoenosis of the deep mud (VP). 2) In spite of the relative scarcity of organisms in the investigated area, 693 specimens were determined, belonging to 280 species. Among them, 12 are new for science (n.sp.), 29 are recorded for the first time for the greek fauna and flora, 1 is new for the whole Mediterranean and 1 new or the Eastern Mediterranean basin. Finally, 1 species was unatributable to any known animal group. 3) The identified biocoenoses are examined in detail and a list of the species recorded is given with ecological and taxonomic remarks. The biocoenoses VTC and VP do not have their characteristic aspect, because of the very high percentage of species, without definite ecological appartenance and a very low percentage of characteristic species. It seems that most of the species show a wide tolerance towards the sediment. 4) Some of the species characteristic for the VP biocoenosis encountered in less than usual depths, whereas characteristic species of the VTC biocoenosis are also presented among those of the VP. Therefore, both biocoenoses have lost their individuality and they are mixed. 5) DC biocoenosis seems to be in a transitional status towards the coralligenous (C) biocoenosis. Similar transitions were also observed at some other points of the investigated area. en
heal.publisher Institute of Oceanographic and Fishing Research (IOFR) en
heal.journalName Hellenic Oceanology and Limnology en
heal.journalType peer-reviewed
heal.fullTextAvailability true
heal.coverage.spatial Saronicos Gulf el

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